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Outbreak of Salmonella Thompson infection in a Swedish dairy herd
  1. S. Sternberg, DVM, PhD1,
  2. A. Johnsson, DVM2,
  3. A. Aspan, PhD1,
  4. K. Bergström, DVM1,
  5. T. B. Kallay, DVM3 and
  6. E. Szanto, DVM4
  1. 1 National Veterinary Institute, SE-751 89 Uppsala, Sweden
  2. 2 Flackarp Veterinary Practice, Flackarp 4, SE-245 61 Staffanstorp, Sweden
  3. 3 AnalyCen Nordic, Box 9024, SE-201 09 Kristianstad, Sweden
  4. 4 Swedish Board of Agriculture, SE-551 82 Jönköping, Sweden


Salmonella Typhimurium was isolated from a faecal sample from a cow in a Swedish dairy herd after calving. When investigations were undertaken in the herd, Salmonella Thompson was isolated from heifers on a separate pasture, and when these heifers were brought into the herd S Thompson spread rapidly. Control strategies managed to rid the herd of the S Typhimurium infection and the prevalence of S Thompson was at first substantially reduced. There was a rapid increase in its prevalence when the animals were let out to pasture and this development eventually led to the depopulation of the entire herd.

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