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Morbidity and mortality in 928 dobermanns born in the Netherlands between 1993 and 1999
  1. P. J. J. Mandigers, DVM, PhD, DipECVN, DRNVA1,
  2. T. Senders, DVM1 and
  3. J. Rothuizen, DVM, PhD, DipECVIM-CA1
  1. 1Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht, PO Box 80154, 3508 TD Utrecht, The Netherlands


The morbidity and mortality among 928 dobermann dogs born between 1993 and 1999 were investigated by sending questionnaires to their owners; 340 (37 per cent) responded. Eighty-one of the dogs had died. Proportional mortality was high for heart failure (14·8 to 22·2 per cent), behavioural problems (19·8 per cent) and cancer (13·6 per cent), but low for hepatitis (3·7 per cent) and cervical spondylomyelopathy (2·5 per cent). Of the 259 surviving dogs, 132 were suffering from various disorders, with a high prevalence of skin problems (22·4 per cent) and urinary incontinence (15·8 per cent).

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