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Evidence for the presence of bluetongue virus in Kosovo between 2001 and 2004
  1. A. Osmani, BVSc1,
  2. B. Murati, BVSc1,
  3. Q. Kabashi, BVSc1,
  4. I. Goga, BVSc2,
  5. B. Berisha, BVSc2,
  6. A. J. Wilsmore, BVSc, PhD, DipAH, MRCVS3 and
  7. C. Hamblin, MIBiol, CBiol4
  1. 1Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency, Room 63, Rilindja Container Complex, Prishtinë, Kosovo
  2. 2Kosovo Veterinary Laboratory, Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency, Prishtinë, Kosovo
  3. 3Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading, Earley Gate, PO Box 237, Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AR
  4. 4Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory, Woking, Surrey GU24 0NF
  1. Correspondence to Dr Wilsmore


In 2001, clinical cases of bluetongue were observed in Kosovo, and in that year and in 2003 and 2004, serum samples were collected from cattle and small ruminants and tested for antibodies to bluetongue virus. The results provide evidence that bluetongue virus was not present in Kosovo before the summer of 2001, but that the virus circulated subclinically among the cattle and sheep populations of Kosovo in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

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