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Comparison of the efficacy of remote consultations and personal consultations for the treatment of dogs which are aggressive towards their owners
  1. N. H. Dodman, BVMS, DACVB, MRCVS,
  2. A. Smith, BS1 and
  3. D. Holmes, RN, MA2
  1. 1 Department of Clinical Sciences, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, 200 Westborough Road, North Grafton, MA 01536, USA
  2. 2 Department of Psychology, Becker College, 61 Sever Street, Worcester, MA, USA


Two groups of 42 dogs which were aggressive towards their owners were enrolled into a study designed to compare the efficacy of remote consultations with direct personal consultations for the treatment of the aggressive behaviour. The level of aggression of the dogs was assessed before and after programmes designed to modify their behaviour. Both programmes resulted in a significant reduction in the aggressive behaviour of the dogs towards their owners, and there was no significant difference between the effectiveness of the recommendations, whether they were made without having seen the dog or during a personal consultation with the dog and its owner.

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