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Clinical management of sarcoptic mange in Indian buffalo calves with a botanical ointment
  1. R. Naresh, BVSc&AH, MVSc1,
  2. D. Swarup, BVSc&AH, MVSc, PhD1,
  3. M. C. Sharma, BVSc&AH, MVSc, PhD1 and
  4. R. Ranjan, BVSc&AH, MVSc1
  1. 1Division of Medicine, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar – 243122, Uttar Pradesh, India


A HIGH incidence (60·8 per cent) of sarcoptic mange has been reported in Indian buffalo calves (Patel and others 2003). The treatment for mange usually depends on the administration of allopathic drugs, but these may carry a risk of toxicity to animals and people; thus, finding a nonallopathic treatment for mange remains a great challenge. Medicinal herbs have reportedly been used worldwide to treat mange and other skin infections of animals, with varied efficacy (Chhabra and others 1994, Chifundera 1998, Viegi and others 2003). To the authors’ knowledge there are no reports of clinical field trials of herbal preparations in the treatment of mange in dairy animals. This short communication describes the clinical management of sarcoptic mange infestation in Indian buffalo calves with an ointment containing several botanical extracts.

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  • Mr Naresh’s present address is Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Campus Mukteswar – 263138, Nainital, Uttaranchal State, India

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