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Effect of urogenital diseases on subsequent reproductive performance of indoor and outdoor sows
  1. M. H. Thacker, PhD, DVM1 and
  2. G. Bilkei, PhD, DVM1
  1. 1Bilkei Consulting, Bahnhofstrasse 42, CH-8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland


URINARY tract infection and swine urogenital disease are often found concurrently with mastitis metritis agalactia syndrome in pigs (Sanders and Bilkei 2004). A high percentage of outdoor sows suffer from swine urogenital disease (Karg and Bilkei 2002). Although outdoor production systems are attractive as a cheaper approach to weaner pig production (Akos and Bilkei 2004), stress and exposure to high levels of bacterial contamination can affect outdoor production (Anon 1997). Reproductive problems in an outdoor herd are thought to be the main reason for a failure to achieve the equivalent production targets of sows kept indoors (Karg and Bilkei 2002). This short communication describes a study to determine the effect of urogenital disease on the reproductive performance of sows kept indoors or outdoors.

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