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Expression of E-cadherin in normal, hyperplastic and neoplastic feline mammary tissue
  1. P. Dias Pereira, DVM1 and
  2. F. Gärtner, DVM, PhD1
  1. 1 Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS), University of Porto, Largo Prof Abel Salazar, 2, 4099-003 Porto, Portugal
  1. Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (IPATIMUP), Rua Dr Roberto Frias s/n, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal


This paper describes an immunohistochemical study of the expression of E-cadherin in four samples of normal, eight samples of hyperplastic and 19 samples of neoplastic feline mammary tissue. In the normal tissues, the luminal epithelial cells showed a strong pattern of staining for E-cadherin at the cell-cell boundaries, whereas the myoepithelium showed no immunoreactivity. In the hyperplastic tissues and the five benign neoplasms, there were disturbances in the expression of E-cadherin in the luminal epithelium, in the form of the coexistence of membranous and cytoplasmic staining, together with immunoreactivity in a small percentage of myoepithelial cells. In 11 of 14 carcinomas, there was a reduction or absence of E-cadherin expression and abnormalities in the pattern of immunostaining; these changes were more pronounced in cribriform and solid carcinomas.

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