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Eradication of ovine footrot with a zinc sulphate footbath Jelinek, P. D., Depiazzi, L. J., Galvin, D. A., Spicer, I. T., Palmer, M. A. & Pitman, D. R. (2001) Eradication of ovine footrot by repeated daily footbathing in a solution of zinc sulphate with surfactant. Australiatn Veterinary Jouirnal 79, 431-434

Effect of a tongue-tie on exercising horses Cornelisse, C. J., Holcombe, S. J., Derksen, F. J., Bernev, C. & Jackson, C. A. (2001) Effect of a tongue-tie on upper airway mechanics in horses during exercise. Americani Joturnal of Veterinary Research 62, 775-778

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