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Fertility parameters of dairy cows with cystic ovarian disease after treatment with gonadotrophin-releasing hormone
  1. G. A. Hooijer, DVM1,
  2. M. A. A. J. van Oijen, MScAg2,
  3. K. Frankena, MScAg, PhD2 and
  4. M. M. H. Valks, DVM3
  1. 1 Veterinary Practice Mid-Fryslan, Lange Miente 5, 8491 BG, Akkrum, The Netherlands
  2. 2 Wageningen University, Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Marijkeweg 40, Postbus 338, 6700 AH, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  3. 3 Intervet International BV, Wim de Korverstraat 35, 5831 AN, Boxmeer, The Netherlands


Fertility data were collected every four weeks for 10 years from 40 herds of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle. The data collected during 925 lactations from cows with cystic ovarian disease which were treated with 500 μg gonadorelin were compared with data from a control group of 13,869 normal lactations. The intervals between parturition and first insemination and between parturition and conception were significantly shorter (P<0.001) in the normal cows, but the interval between first insemination and conception was not. The overall conception rate tended to be higher (P<0.10) in the normal cows, but the conception rate after the first insemination was significantly higher (P<0.001) and the number of services per conception was significantly lower (P=0.008) in the normal cows.

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