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Assessment of the qualit of radiographs in 44 veterinary clinics in Great Britain
  1. R. S. Ewers, BSc, BVSc, MRCVS1 and
  2. M. Hofmann-Parisot, DrMedVet2
  1. 1 PDSA Veterinary Centre, 2/4 Mostyn Street, Leicester LE3 6DT
  2. 2 Institute of Medical Physics and Biostatistics, University of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarplatz 1 (Josef-Baumann-Gasse 1), A- 1210 Vienna, Austria


The quality of radiographic images, radiographic equipment and radiation safety were assessed objectively in 44 veterinary clinics in Great Britain, and a questionnaire was used to survey opinion on the general standard of radiography and aspects of the radiographic techniques used. Good or tolerable films were produced by 56 per cent of the clinics but there was a tendency to produce films that were too dark. Poor exposure factors were chosen in 49 per cent of the films. A significant number of films (27 per cent) were underdeveloped whereas only 11 per cent were overdeveloped. Many of the errors were due to operator error or inadequate technique, whereas, in the questionnaire, many clinics suggested that their problems were due mainly to faulty or inadequate equipment.

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