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Partial tibial neurectomy in 113 Belgian blue calves with spastic paresis
  1. L. Vlaminck, DVM1,
  2. A. De Moor, DVM1,
  3. A. Martens, DVM1,
  4. M. Steenhaut, DVM, DipECVS1,
  5. F. Gasthuys, DVM, DVSc, DipECVA1,
  6. P. Desmet, DVM1 and
  7. L. Van Branteghem, DVM1
  1. 1 Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology of Domestic Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Gent, Salisburylaan 133, Merelbeke, Belgium


One hundred and thirteen double-muscled Belgian blue calves (69 males and 44 females) with spastic paresis (52 unilateral and 61 bilateral) were treated surgically by partial tibial neurectomy under caudal epidural anaesthesia. Telephone inquiries made at least three-and-a-half months later established that good results were obtained in 83.2 per cent of the calves; a considerable improvement was reported in 4.4 per cent which still had intermittent spastic contractions; severe hyperflexion of the hock necessitating early slaughtering was recorded in 4.4 per cent of the calves; and in 8 per cent there was little or no improvement.

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