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Lameness associated with the bicipital bursa in an Arab stallion
  1. T. M. Booth, BVSc,MRCVS, CertES(Orth),MACVSc1
  1. 1 University of Liverpool Large Animal Hospital, Leahurst, South Wirral L64 7TE


Severe, chronic lameness in the left forelimb of a five-year-old Arab stallion was localised to the bicipital bursa by local anaesthesia and gamma scintigraphy. Radiographic and ultrasonographic examinations of the proximal humeral tubercles and bicipital bursa revealed new bone produdion in the region of the intertubercular grooves and irregularities in the density of the soft tissues of the bicipital tendon and bursa. An endoscopic examination of the bicipital bursa with a standard arthroscope under general anaesthesia was a useful diagnostic procedure. The stallion was euthanased, and marked fibrocartilage fibrillation and formation of adhesions were found postmortem, confirming a diagnosis of chronic fibrinous bursitis.

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