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Use of a balloon occlusion catheter to facilitate transarterial coil embolisation of a patent ductus arteriosus in two dogs
  1. J. H. Saunders, DMV, DipECVDI1,
  2. F. R. Snaps, DMV, DScV, DipECVDI1,
  3. D. Peeters, DMV2,
  4. G. Trotteur, MD3 and
  5. R. F. Dondelinger, MD3
  1. 1 Department of Medical Imaging
  2. 2 Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  3. 3 Department of Medical Imaging, University Hospital Centre, University of Liege, Sart-Tilman, 4000 Liege, Belgium


Two dogs with a history of coughing and exercise intolerance were suspected to have a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), and the presence of a type Ill PDA was confirmed by radiography, electrocardiography, ultrasonography and angiography. iTansarterial coil embolisation was carried out by using a modified technique. An ocdusion balloon catheter was inserted through a femoral vein and placed at the pulmonary side of the ductus before the embolisation coils were put in place. Both dogs remained healthy during a follow-up period of nine months.

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