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Efficacy of an inactivated oil emulsion vaccine against hydropericardium syndrome in broilers
  1. P. Roy, MVSc, PhD1,1,
  2. A. Koteeswaran, MVSc, PhD1 and
  3. R. Manickam, MVSc, PhD1
  1. 1 Centre for Animal Health Studies, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Science University, Chennai - 600 051, India


Two inactivated vaccines were prepared against hydropericardium syndrome. The vaccine prepared from liver homogenate extracted with chloroform, inactivated with formalin and adjuvanted with liquid paraffin was highly effective against challenge in chickens aged three, five and seven weeks. Seroconversion following vaccination and challenge was assessed by the agar gel immunodiffusion test. The inactivated oil emulsion vaccine was highly effective against the syndrome in both experimental trials and field trials.

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  • Dr Roy's present address is Department of International Health, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1665 University Boulevard, Suite 217, Birmingham, AL 25294, USA

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