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Assuring quality in extramural studies: the perceptions of practitioners
  1. L. R. Taylor, BSc, MEd1 and
  2. J. A. Barnes, BA1
  1. 1 Liverpool Evaluation and Assessment Unit, Department of Education, The University of Liverpool, 19 Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 7ZG


This paper presents the results of a questionnaire completed by 331 UK veterinary practitioners which focused on the quality assurance of extramural studies. The questionnaire considered the attributes of practitioners as extramural teachers and the suitability of host practices for extramural studies, the students' evaluation of their quality, and the role of the veterinary schools. The questionnaire identified two broad roles for the practitioner, first, as teacher and, secondly, as professional role model, and there was strong support for students being allowed Co evaluate their role as teacher. The findings are discussed in relation to aspects of good practice associated with quality assurance, and in relation to the need to develop stronger links between the schools and the veterinary profession.

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