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Haematological and biochemical values of 10 green iguanas (Iguana iguana)
  1. S. J. Divers, BSc, MIBiol, CBiol, BVetMed, MRCVS1,
  2. G. Redmayne, MPhil, BSc2 and
  3. E. K. Aves, MIST, SRMLSO2
  1. 1 Elands Veterinary Clinic, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2XA
  2. 2 Greendale Laboratories, Lansburg Estate, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2EW


Ten clinically healthy green iguanas (Iguana iguana) imported from South America were examined, and haematological and biochemical measurements were made on samples of blood. This paper describes the methods of blood sampling, handling and laboratory analysis, and presents the results as a set of normal blood ranges for the green iguana.

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