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Spread of lumpy skin disease in Israeli dairy herds
  1. I Yeruham,
  2. O Nir,
  3. Y Braverman,
  4. M Davidson,
  5. H Grinstein,
  6. M Haymovitch and
  7. O Zamir
  1. Hachakleit Gedera, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


Fourteen of the 17 dairy herds in Peduyim, an Israeli village, became infected with lumpy skin disease during a period of 37 days in August and September 1989. One cow in one neighbouring village and four cows in another neighbouring village also became infected, probably through being treated by a veterinarian who treated cows in Peduyim. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the original infection was brought to Peduyim and spread by stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) carried by the wind from foci of the disease at El Arish in northern Sinai, or at Ismailiya and the Nile delta in Egypt. All the cattle and the small flocks of sheep and goats in the village were slaughtered.

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