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Ultrasonography of pancreatic neoplasia in the dog: a retrospective review of 16 cases
  1. CR Lamb,
  2. KW Simpson,
  3. A Boswood and
  4. LA Matthewman
  1. Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, North Mymms, Hertfordshire.


The history, clinical signs and radiographic and ultrasonographic findings in 16 dogs with pancreatic neoplasia were reviewed retrospectively. Thirteen of the dogs had islet cell carcinoma compatible with insulinoma, one had a pancreatic adenocarcinoma and two had secondary invasion of the pancreas, one by a gastric carcinoma and one by an intestinal lymphoma. The clinical signs in the 13 dogs with insulinoma included collapse in 10 dogs, ataxia in seven, weakness in five, and seizures in two. Two of the 16 dogs had jaundice due to biliary obstruction by the primary tumour or metastases. The sensitivities for pancreatic neoplasia were three of 16 (19 per cent) for radiography and 12 of 16 (75 per cent) for ultrasonography; the sensitivities for metastasis were two of 11 (18 per cent) for radiography and six of 11 (55 per cent) for ultrasonography. Biliary obstruction was detected by ultrasonography in both affected dogs.

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