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Diagnosis of bovine fetal Neospora infection with an indirect fluorescent antibody test
  1. BC Barr,
  2. ML Anderson,
  3. KW Sverlow and
  4. PA Conrad
  1. California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System, University of California, School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis, USA.


Fetal fluids from 138 spontaneously aborted bovine fetuses were examined for the presence of antibodies against Neospora antigens by means of an indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT). The fetuses were divided into group 1, consisting of 74 fetuses with confirmed or presumptive fetal neosporosis, and group 2, consisting of 64 fetuses with either no aetiological diagnosis, presumptive diagnoses of non-Neospora infections or non-infectious diseases, or fetuses with confirmed diagnoses of other fetal diseases. Thirty-seven of the 74 fetuses in group 1 had detectable titres of antibody to Neospora; approximately 21 per cent of the fetuses between three and five months gestation, 56 per cent of these between six and seven months gestation, and 93 per cent of these between eight and nine months gestation, had detectable titres of antibody. Only one of the 64 fetuses in group 2 had a detectable titre of antibody to Neospora.

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