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Inhibition of pseudocholinesterase activity in a 20-year-old gelding
  1. JH van der Kolk,
  2. H Wisse and
  3. S van Dijk
  1. Department of Large Animal Medicine and Nutrition, Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


A 20-year-old Arab crossbred gelding was examined because it had apparently suffered an overstimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system for three hours. The clinical signs consisted of hypersalivation, profuse sweating, maximal miosis, fasciculation of the muscles and lateral recumbency in combination with continuous convulsions without diarrhoea. The horse's plasma pseudocholinesterase activity was approximately 10 per cent of normal. It responded well to 10 mg atropine and 50 mg diazepam administered intravenously.

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