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Surgical aspects of intestinal atresia in 58 calves
  1. A Martens,
  2. F Gasthuys,
  3. M Steenhaut and
  4. A De Moor
  1. Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology of Domestic Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent, Belgium.


Fifty-eight calves with intestinal atresia at different sites were treated surgically. In only four of the animals the anal opening was reconstructed directly in the perineal region. In the remaining cases the final extent of the atresia was confirmed by a right flank laparotomy and in seven calves an anal opening was made in the perineal region and in seven calves the opening was made in the right flank. The remaining 40 calves were euthanased for different reasons. Seven of the 18 surgically corrected animals made a satisfactory recovery.

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