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Large scale survey of bovine babesiosis due to Babesia divergens in France
  1. M L'Hostis,
  2. A Chauvin,
  3. A Valentin,
  4. A Marchand and
  5. A Gorenflot
  1. Laboratoire de Parasitologie, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Nantes, France.


Data on the epidemiology of bovine babesiosis in France were collected from two sources: a questionnaire sent to large animal veterinary surgeons and blood samples collected from cattle treated for clinical babesiosis. Babesia divergens was common and widespread. B major was found in only one sample. The disease was particularly widespread in north west, south west and central France. The mean clinical incidence was 0.4 per cent. The bimodal seasonality of the clinical cases was correlated with that of the tick vector (Ixodes ricinus). Of the affected animals 72.6 per cent were more than three years old.

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