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Prevalence of Onchocerca species and Thelazia lacrimalis in horses examined post mortem in Normandy
  1. C Collobert,
  2. N Bernard and
  3. C Lamidey
  1. Institut de Pathologie du Cheval, Goustranville, France.


The umbilical skin and ligamentum nuchae of 368 horses were examined post mortem for Onchocerca species. Only four of the horses were infected and pathological changes were observed on the skin of two of them. Thelazia lacrimalis was recovered from 38 (10.3 per cent) of the horses, and animals aged six months to two years were more frequently infected. No ocular lesions were observed. The prevalences of these two nematodes were low when compared with the infection rates reported in the United Kingdom and North America.

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