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Parameters of forelimb ground reaction force in 48 normal ponies
  1. AR Barr,
  2. SM Dow and
  3. AE Goodship
  1. Division of Companion Animals, University of Bristol, Langford.


Recordings of forelimb ground reaction forces were made from 48 normal ponies moving at the trot, to evaluate the relationships between bodyweight, vertical ground reaction forces, the timing of individual events within the stance phase and the total contact time. There were highly significant correlations between the mean vertical ground reaction forces and bodyweight. The mean vertical ground reaction forces, corrected for bodyweight, were inversely correlated with the total contact time suggesting that higher trotting speeds may be associated with greater vertical ground reaction forces. The ponies' bodyweights were positively correlated with the contact time, implying a reduced stride frequency with increasing size. The ground reaction force events in the mid and late stance phases occurred at consistent fractions of the total stance time. The ground reaction forces and time parameters were highly symmetrical.

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