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Naturally occurring tetracycline-like fluorescence in sections of femur from jackals in Zimbabwe
  1. J Bingham,
  2. R Matema,
  3. A Kappeler and
  4. FW Hill
  1. Veterinary Research Laboratory, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe.


In assessing the potential of the tetracycline compounds as biomarkers in oral rabies vaccination campaigns in jackals in Zimbabwe, the natural prevalence of fluorescent compounds in bone tissue from jackals was investigated. Femur samples were taken from unbaited jackals received for routine rabies diagnosis, and thin undecalcified sections were cut and viewed under an ultraviolet microscope. Of 131 femur samples examined, 49 (37 per cent) had fluorescent markings indistinguishable from those of tetracycline. The result implies that the tetracycline compounds, which are commonly used in rabies baiting campaigns in Europe and North America, cannot be used as biomarkers in jackals in Zimbabwe.

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