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Eradication of caseous lymphadenitis in sheep with the help of a newly developed ELISA technique
  1. BE Schreuder,
  2. EA ter Laak and
  3. DP Dercksen
  1. Central Veterinary Institute-DLO, The Netherlands.


The purpose of the study was to attempt to eradicate caseous lymphadenitis in sheep with the help of serological monitoring. A newly developed double-antibody sandwich ELISA and the culling of positive or doubtful reactors was the basis of the disease control regimen. Seropositive pregnant ewes were kept in quarantine and removed after lambing; their lambs were artificially fed and allowed to remain in the herd. Under this regimen, supplemented by a number of hygienic measures, caseous lymphadenitis was eradicated from two large flocks of sheep in which the disease was endemic.

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