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The 1993 Italian foot-and-mouth disease epidemic: epidemiological features of the four outbreaks identified in Verona province (Veneto region)
  1. S Maragon,
  2. E Facchin,
  3. F Moutou,
  4. I Massirio,
  5. G Vincenzi and
  6. G Davies
  1. Centro Regionale Di Epidemiologia Veterinaria, Padova, Italy.


Imported cattle gave rise to an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Italy during 1993. Four outbreaks occurred in large housed beef herds in Verona province. Investigations revealed that there were no movements of livestock out of the infected premises and meteorological analyses suggested that the airborne spread of infectious particles had been limited by the anticyclonic conditions. Surveillance was therefore concentrated on the areas immediately surrounding the outbreaks and the infection was prevented from spreading.

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