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Reactivity of sera collected from dogs in Mutare, Zimbabwe, to antigens of Ehrlichia canis and Cowdria ruminantium
  1. LA Matthewman,
  2. PJ Kelly,
  3. SM Mahan,
  4. SM Semu,
  5. PR Mason,
  6. D Bruce,
  7. P Brouqui and
  8. D Raoult
  1. Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Zimbabwe, Mount Pleasant, Harare.


Six of 20 sera from apparently healthy dogs in Mutare, Zimbabwe, contained antibodies which were reactive with Cowdria ruminantium and Ehrlichia canis in indirect fluorescent antibody tests at similar titres. In Western blots these sera recognised the immunodominant antigen bands of the two organisms. Sera with high titres (> 1/80) recognised additional antigen bands of each organism. It was not possible to determine whether these dogs had been exposed to C ruminantium, E canis or other Ehrlichia species. In areas where these organisms coexist serological tests for canine ehrlichiosis should be interpreted with caution.

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