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An improved method for the scintigraphic detection of acute bone damage to the equine pelvis by probe point counting
  1. RC Pilsworth,
  2. MA Holmes and
  3. M Shepherd
  1. Beaufort Cottage Diagnostic Centre, Cotton End Stables, Newmarket.


A fracture of the pelvis in a horse can be detected scintigraphically by probe point counting. However, the pelvis is covered by a large and variable muscle mass, and is close to the urinary bladder, both of which can introduce errors. This paper describes an improved technique which uses a larger set of sampling points and analyses the data with a small computer to construct a three dimensional graph of the gamma-ray output across the pelvis, thus helping to improve the interpretation of the data. The scintigraphic plot from a normal horse, three cases of fracture (confirmed by radiography, ultrasound imaging or post mortem examination) and examples of the artefacts produced by isotope in the bladder and by marked muscle wasting are presented.

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