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Experimental transmission of an apparent viral pneumonia in conventional and gnotobiotic pigs
  1. PG Halbur,
  2. PS Paul,
  3. JJ Andrews,
  4. TP Sanderson,
  5. RF Ross,
  6. KJ Schwartz,
  7. ML Frey,
  8. BJ Erickson,
  9. HT Hill and
  10. LJ Hoffman


Endemic pneumonia in five- to eight-week-old pigs induced microscopic lesions of proliferative interstitial pneumonia which were compatible with a viral aetiology. The disease was transmitted experimentally to conventional and gnotobiotic pigs by means of a lung homogenate filtered through a 0.22 micron filter. No common viral respiratory pathogens of pigs were isolated. Two types of virus particles were observed in cell culture by electron microscopy; one was about 70 nm in diameter and had an envelope and short surface spicules, the other also had an envelope, was elongated, pleomorphic, measured 80 x 320 nm and was coated by antibodies.

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