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Necrosis and sloughing of skin associated with limb cellulitis in four cows and a calf: predisposing causes, treatment and prognosis
  1. JA Nguhiu-Mwangi,
  2. PM Mbithi and
  3. SM Mbiuki
  1. Department of Clinical Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi, Kenya.


Four cows and a calf with non-suppurative limb cellulitis were observed subsequently to suffer skin necrosis and sloughing in the affected limbs, either on or distal to the metacarpus or metatarsus. In comparison with six cows with suppurative Corynebacterium pyogenes limb cellulitis, topical therapy or the cases with skin necrosis and sloughing was adequate and the prognosis was good, when compared with the rigorous systemic therapy applied to the cows with suppurative cellulitis, some of which died. The skin necrosis and sloughing resulting from limb cellulitis seemed to be encouraged by the paucity of tissue between the skin and the bone, by the poor vascularity of the area, and by the causative bacteria.

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