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A mild outbreak of bovine mastitis associated with Mycoplasma bovigenitalium
  1. G Jackson and
  2. E Boughton
  1. Veterinary Investigation Centre, Norwich.


Mycoplasma bovigenitalium was isolated from milk samples from 16 of 99 cows on one farm during a 15-week period in the summer of 1986. One cow was severely affected, four cows had relatively mild signs of mastitis, and three had only altered dry-cow udder secretions. Eleven of the infected cows were dry and three had been calved less than 48 hours. The abrupt method of drying-off and improvements in cleaning of the milking equipment were introduced, but no other control measures were instituted to eradicate the mycoplasma infections. After this mild outbreak of mastitis the herd was monitored for the next 17 months. In total 19 cows had a mycoplasma isolated from udder secretions. Acholeplasmas were isolated from 14 cows but were not associated with clinical mastitis. The udder infections with mycoplasmas apparently resolved without resorting to the segregation and culling of infected animals.

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