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Lack of effect of a diet containing zearalenone on spermatogenesis in rams
  1. GD Milano,
  2. E Odriozola and
  3. TA Lopez
  1. Department of Physiopathology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Tandil, Argentina.


Six breeding rams were fed a diet containing 12 mg of zearalenone daily for eight weeks. A control group of six rams was fed a diet free of zearalenone. The weekly production of spermatozoa of both groups was measured during the period of administration of zearalenone and for six weeks after the administration of zearalenone ceased. Semen production was measured in terms of the volume of ejaculate and its concentration, and the motility and abnormalities in the spermatozoa. The feeding of zearalenone had no significant effects on any of these measurements.

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