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Economic analysis of vaccination applied to ovine listeriosis
  1. I Vagsholm,
  2. LL Nesse and
  3. R Gudding
  1. National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway.


An economic model for determining whether vaccination against a disease would be beneficial financially on individual farms is proposed; it is based on four pieces of information: the costs of a disease case including its treatment, the cost of vaccinating each animal including veterinary fees, the expected incidence of the disease, and the efficacy of the vaccine. The model was applied to ovine listeriosis, which is a serious disease problem in Norway. Vaccination appeared to be beneficial for the average sheep flock of 100 ewes which might expect two or more cases of listeriosis per year. Furthermore, the model suggests the ratio of the price of a single vaccination to the cost of a disease case can be used to plan more efficient vaccine field trials.

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