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Detection of antibody to Salmonella enteritidis and S typhimurium in the yolk of hens' eggs
  1. RA Nicholas and
  2. SJ Andrews
  1. Poultry Department, Central Veterinary Laboratory, New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey.


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) have been developed to detect IgG antibodies to Salmonella enteritidis and S typhimurium in the yolk of hens' eggs. Better discrimination and more consistent results were obtained between eggs from experimentally infected and uninfected hens by using saline-dilution of yolk rather than chloroform extraction. Threshold absorbance values were determined in three salmonella-free flocks, and on the basis of these results ELISA optical density values greater than 0.25 were considered to be positive for antibodies to salmonella. Four flocks with a history of salmonella infection were examined; three contained birds which were seropositive for S enteritidis by ELISA and from which S enteritidis was isolated, and a large proportion of eggs from these birds contained antibody to S enteritidis. Eggs from the fourth flock had no detectable antibody, although serum antibody was detected in some birds. No salmonellae were isolated from the yolks of the eggs from any of the four flocks.

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