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Surgical treatment of open splint bone fractures in 26 horses
  1. LJ Harrison,
  2. SA May and
  3. GB Edwards
  1. Division of Equine Studies, University of Liverpool, Leahurst, Neston, South Wirral.


Over a period of 16 years, 26 horses were treated for open fractures involving the splint bones. Treatment consisted of surgical excision of fracture fragments and sequestra, and curettage of infected and unhealthy tissues. The splint bone distal to the fracture was removed in nine horses in which the attachment of the splint bone to the cannon bone via the interosseous ligament did not provide adequate stability. In two horses it was considered necessary to stabilise the proximal fragment by internal fixation and infection developed in both of them; one of these horses was destroyed on humane grounds. In the other 25 horses an excellent result was obtained in terms of cosmetic appearance and return to soundness.

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