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Effect of the angle of slope on the ease with which pigs negotiate loading ramps
  1. PD Warriss,
  2. EA Bevis,
  3. JE Edwards,
  4. SN Brown and
  5. TG Knowles
  1. Department of Meat Animal Science, University of Bristol, Langford.


In experiments to investigate the time taken by pigs to negotiate ramps with different slopes it was found that they ascended with greater facility than they descended. Between 0 degrees and 20 degrees, the slope appeared to have little effect on the time taken to ascend or descend. Above 20 degrees the time taken to ascend increased linearly. The relationship between the time taken to descend and the slope above 20 degrees was biphasic with times increasing substantially above 35 degrees. There were also differences between the times taken on different days but no evidence of habituation. Pigs took longer to climb steeper ramps with wider spaces between cleats but there was no significant effect on the time taken to descend.

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