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Mycoplasmas and acholeplasmas isolated from ducks and their possible association with pasteurellas
  1. SK Tiong
  1. Central Veterinary Laboratory, Singapore.


Two hundred and sixty-three cases of clinically diseased ducks of all ages were examined for the presence of mycoplasmas. Mycoplasmas and acholeplasmas belonging to more than eight serogroups were cultured from 68 of them, and comprised 12 M anatis, one M columbinasale, two M gallinaceum, two M gallinarum, nine M synoviae, three unidentified Mycoplasma species, 37 Acholeplasma laidlawii and one unclassified acholeplasma belonging to each of serogroups 7 and 8. They were identified by biochemical characterisation, disc growth inhibition and agar gel diffusion tests. Fifty-three (78 per cent) of the isolates occurred with species of Pasteurella: 33.8 per cent with Pasteurella anatipestifer, 32.4 per cent with P multocida and 11.8 per cent with both P anatipestifer and P multocida. Nine of the isolates (13.2 per cent) were in pure culture and six (8.8 per cent) with other agents. Of the ducks negative for mycoplasmas 33.3 per cent were infected with P anatipestifer, 25.1 per cent with P multocida and 14.4 per cent with both P anatipestifer and P multocida. There was no correlation between the infections with mycoplasmas and P anatipestifer but there was a weak association between the infections with mycoplasmas, especially M anatis and P multocida.

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