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Surgical repair of peripheral detachment of the medial meniscus in 34 cattle
  1. DR Nelson,
  2. JC Huhn and
  3. SK Kneller
  1. Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois, Urbana 61801.


A detachment of the periphery of the medial meniscus from the joint capsule and medial collateral ligament in 34 cattle was repaired by securing the meniscus to the joint capsule with vertical mattress sutures during arthrotomy. Of 28 cattle with follow-up reports, 20 had recovered satisfactorily by their owners' evaluations; 17 were either not lame or slightly lame after the operation and three were moderately lame. Three of four cattle without follow-up reports were either not lame or slightly lame when discharged from the hospital.

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