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Reversal of medetomidine-induced cardiovascular and respiratory changes with atipamezole in dogs
  1. O Vainio
  1. Farmos Group Ltd, Turku, Finland.


The effects of atipamezole, an alpha 2-antagonist, on six medetomidine-sedated laboratory beagles were studied in a randomised complete block design. The dogs were sedated with medetomidine (20, 40 or 80 micrograms/kg intramuscularly) and five- and 10-fold larger doses of atipamezole were administered intramuscularly 30 minutes later. Atipamezole significantly increased the medetomidine-depressed heart rate, respiratory frequency and arterial Po2. The drug also transiently decreased the mean arterial blood pressure but subsequently the blood pressure of the treated group did not differ from that of a group of dogs treated with a placebo.

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