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A clinical and microbiological study of cats with protruding nictitating membranes and diarrhoea: isolation of a novel virus
  1. P Muir,
  2. DA Harbour,
  3. TJ Gruffydd-Jones,
  4. PE Howard,
  5. CD Hopper,
  6. EA Gruffydd-Jones,
  7. HM Broadhead,
  8. CM Clarke and
  9. ME Jones
  1. Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bristol, Langford.


Fifty cats with the syndrome of protruding nictitating membranes and diarrhoea were compared clinically and microbiologically with nine cats with diarrhoea alone and 17 healthy cats. A novel torovirus-like agent was isolated from 11 cats, including seven of the cats with protruding nictitating membranes and diarrhoea.

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