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Concurrent use of the oxfendazole pulse release bolus and the monensin rumen delivery device in young grazing cattle
  1. DT Rowlands,
  2. RM Woollon and
  3. CM McEvoy
  1. Coopers Animal Health LTD, Berkhamsted, Herts.


When they were turned out to grass in May 1987 for their first season, 10 calves were dosed with a 5 x 750 mg oxfendazole pulse release bolus (OPRB) and a monensin sodium rumen delivery device (RDD); eight calves received one OPRB; 10 calves received one RDD and eight calves received neither bolus. Each group was set-stocked on individual paddocks which had been grazed during the previous season by cattle which developed clinical parasitic gastroenteritis and bronchitis (husk). In July, before they were due to be moved to new pastures in mid-summer, and before they were dosed strategically with levamisole HCl, some of the calves not dosed with an OPRB succumbed to clinical parasitic gastroenteritis and husk and received emergency anthelmintic treatment, after which no further clinical episodes occurred. The 'dose and move' strategy was implemented in early August after which both groups not dosed with an OPRB were set-stocked together until the trial ended on October 14, 147 days after turn out. The two groups of calves which had received the OPRB were also moved to new pasture and set-stocked together until the end of the trial. No evidence of clinical helminthiases developed in either of the two groups of calves dosed with OPRBs and their faecal worm egg and larval counts, and plasma pepsinogen activities remained low. They gained significantly more weight than the two groups of calves not dosed with OPRBs (P less than 0.001). The bolus types were compatible and induced no untoward side-effects when used together.

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