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Studies of the effect of recombinant human-alpha 1 interferon on experimental parainfluenza type 3 virus infections of the respiratory tract of calves
  1. DG Bryson,
  2. MS McNulty,
  3. RT Evans and
  4. G Allan
  1. Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Research Laboratories, Stormont, Belfast.


The effect of the administration of recombinant human interferon on the severity of clinical disease and the extent of pneumonic lesions in calves infected experimentally with bovine parainfluenza 3 (PI3) virus was studied in two experiments. In the first, three pairs of calves aged seven to 10 days were used; one of each pair was injected intramuscularly with 10(6) units of interferon/kg bodyweight for three consecutive days, and the other was left untreated. On the day after the first injection of interferon all the calves were challenged with PI3 virus, a different dose being administered to each pair. There was no evidence of any protective effect from the treatment with interferon. The second experiment used eight, six-week-old calves; four were inoculated in the same way with interferon and all the calves were challenged with the same dose of PI3. Again, there was no evidence of a reduction either in the severity of clinical disease or in the extent of lung consolidation in the calves treated with interferon.

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