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Observations on Cysticercus bovis in slaughter cattle in the Matabeleland province of Zimbabwe
  1. KE Pugh and
  2. PG Chambers
  1. Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Department of Veterinary Services, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


Cysticercus bovis was detected at meat inspection in 2.16 per cent of 102,087 carcases of cattle from Matabeleland Province, slaughtered in Bulawayo during a period of 11 months. Lightly infested (detained) carcases accounted for 95 per cent of those with cysticercosis. The head was the only site affected in 58.4 per cent of the detained carcases, the shoulder in 20.1 per cent and the heart in 7.9 per cent. In more heavily infested (condemned) carcases 81.1 per cent had at least three sites affected. The incidence of cysts was highest in older male animals but in younger animals it was highest in cows. In the detained carcases an average of 1.5 cysts were found, of which 76 per cent were live and 24 per cent dead. Condemned carcases had more than 58 cysts on average, of which 98 per cent were live and 2 per cent dead. Live cysts were more common in older cattle and dead cysts were more common in younger animals. The incidence of C bovis in carcases of cattle originating from communal areas was 3.2 per cent compared with 1.6 per cent in those originating from commercial farms.

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