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Current views on the pathogenesis of bacterial endometritis in mares
  1. WE Allen and
  2. JF Pycock
  1. Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


Mares with persistent and recurrent endometritis are said to be susceptible to infection; in particular they are unable to resolve the acute endometritis that always follows mating. It is thought, therefore, that these mares have a local immunological defect in the uterus that impedes the elimination of bacteria. Studies on immunoglobulins, opsonins and the functional ability of neutrophils in the uterus of susceptible mares have not confirmed the presence of an impaired immune response. It is concluded that factors involved in the production and drainage of uterine fluid may be important in the aetiology of the condition.

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