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Clinical findings in cattle with dilatation and torsion of the caecum
  1. U Braun,
  2. R Eicher and
  3. K Hausammann
  1. Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


Dilatation and torsion of the caecum is usually an acute illness with signs of ileus and this paper presents the clinical findings from 111 heifers and cows with the condition. On admission 61 per cent of the animals had been ill for less than 24 hours; the general condition was disturbed in 58 per cent of the animals, 39 per cent showed signs of colic; the rectal temperature was abnormal in 55 per cent, the heart rate in 40 per cent and the respiration rate in 52 per cent of the animals; rumen motility was reduced or absent in 85 per cent. One or more tests for foreign bodies were positive in 58 per cent, and swinging auscultation and percussion auscultation on the right side, either alone or in combination, were positive in 83 per cent of the animals. On rectal examination it was possible to palpate a pathologically distended, displaced or twisted caecum in 95 per cent of the animals. In 87 per cent defecation was reduced or absent. The most reliable diagnostic investigations were rectal examination and swinging and percussion auscultation on the right side.

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