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Development of an ELISA to differentiate between animals either vaccinated with or infected by Aujeszky's disease virus
  1. M Eloit,
  2. D Fargeaud,
  3. P Vannier and
  4. B Toma
  1. Ministere de l'Agriculture, ENVA, Maisons-Alfort, France.


The use of two monoclonal antibodies specific for glycoproteins GI and GIII of the pseudorabies virus led to the development of a competitive ELISA which made it possible to differentiate animals infected with pseudorabies virus from animals vaccinated with the strains of the virus Bartha, NAI4 or Norden. A postvaccinal serological response could be detected from three to four weeks after vaccination. After the virulent challenge of these vaccinated pigs an infectious serological response became apparent two weeks after the challenge.

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