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Histological analysis of a central tarsal implant in a racing greyhound
  1. RD Bloebaum,
  2. CA Sanderson,
  3. J Emmanual,
  4. P Campbell,
  5. J Emmanual and
  6. GD Yocham
  1. VA Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 84148.


The hock of a greyhound containing a titanium alloy central tarsal replacement was examined histologically. The animal had raced competitively 43 times before retirement. The examination showed that the adaptation and encapsulation of the implant by the surrounding bones, together with the excellent purchase of the screw into the fourth tarsal bone, had maintained the implant in excellent position during vigorous load-bearing. There was no histopathological evidence to suggest that the fixation of the implant was failing. The results provide evidence for the value of titanium alloy implants as a central tarsal replacement in greyhounds with type V fractures, and as a feasible alternative to euthanasia.

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