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Development and distribution of rinderpest virus antigen in experimentally infected goats
  1. JS Wafula and
  2. HM Wamwayi
  1. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Veterinary Research Department, Kikuyu.


Three goats, experimentally infected with rinderpest virus were examined for the development and distribution of precipitating antigens in various tissues and secretions using the agar gel immunodiffusion test. Virus antigens were detected in ocular secretions and lymph node biopsies from the second to the fourth and fifth days of pyrexia, respectively, but were not detected in nasal secretions. Precipitating antigens were demonstrated in various lymphoid organs, the lung and abomasum of a goat killed on the fourth day of pyrexia. These findings are discussed in relation to the epidemiology of rinderpest in goats in Africa.

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