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Prevalence of pleurisy in pigs at slaughter
  1. PE Hartley,
  2. JW Wilesmith and
  3. R Bradley
  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Central Veterinary Laboratory, Weybridge, Surrey.


The mean (+/- sd) batch prevalence of pleura stripping of finished pigs going for slaughter in four abattoirs in eastern England was 0.15 +/- 0.04, and the average batch proportion of lungs totally condemned was 0.23 +/- 0.05. There was a significant positive correlation between the number of carcases requiring total lung condemnation and the number of carcases requiring pleura stripping. There was no significant differences between the type of producer, the herd size or the mean batch live weight and the prevalence of pleurisy, either within individual abattoirs or combining the data from the four abattoirs. There was considerable variation in the batch prevalence of pleurisy from the same producer, indicating the need to monitor a number of batches in order to determine the prevalence of pleurisy on a farm.

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